The following documents were developed for our Planned Grazing Project ("Utilizing Holistic Planned Grazing as a Regenerative Engine for Sustainable Agriculture" - funded by Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education.)



Ian Mitchell-Innes Training comments and press generated by meetings

Testimonials for Learning about the grazing charts and plotting out a grazing season in small groups

2014-15 Grazing Monitoring Charts               











     20 paddock no date                                    



Tools and Worksheets


Developing the Quality of Life Statement for Your Farm/Family Goal

Developing the Quality of Life Statement for Your Personal Comprehensive Goal

Farm/Family Goal - What You Must Produce Worksheet

Financial Tool

Tool for Measuring Social Well Being  

Sulco Farm Decision Case

Decision Case

Decision Makers and Resources

Family/Farm Goal

Markum Farms - Farm/Family Goal

Grazing Worksheets and Charts

Grazing Planning Worksheet Draft

Grazing Chart 20 Paddock Draft

Grazing Chart 40 Paddock Draft

How will the Income Statement Change with Planned Grazing?

Estimating Available Forage Quantity

Planning Pasture and Forage Consumption

Northeast Pasture Biological Monitoring Template 2011


Vermont Crops and